The past few days have been a whirlwind. Hell, the past MONTH has been a whirlwind. Nothing supremely exciting going on; rather, a flurry of deadlines. But is it *really* the 10th of April? Is San Diego Comic-Con only three (and a little bit) months away? How on earth can it be so close?

I've undergone many lifestyle changes since moving to America; sustaining myself solely with my writing the most drastic adjustment. Each day is in stark contrast to my routine back in England, and a result, time is flying by.

Speaking of which, I'm heading back home for a visit next month, the first time I've been back since last February. I can't wait. It's been so long since I saw my family and friends, but doesn't feel like it at all; hell, it's as if I've barely been away. But that first Shepherd's Pie and pint of Fuller's London Pride can't come soon enough...

Meanwhile, I'm back at the gym. The winter beer blubber must be shed, and all-round physical fitness improved. I've always had a day job to keep me active; sitting in front of a computer all day reaks havoc on the waistline, as well as energy levels. How the hell do you veteran artists and writers do it and NOT look like a beachball with ears?! Please, fill me in on the secret. I'm fed up with feeling like I've eaten every other fat bloke in NYC, and 20 lbs must be shed by Comic-Con!

The New York Mets' start to the '09 season has been intriguing, and as ever, nothing is straightforward. Johan Santana and the newly revamped bullpen provided a comfortable 2-1 victory on Monday; Mike Pelfrey started game two in horrendous fashion, giving up four runs in the first inning, but settled down and worked through to the end of inning five. The bullpen, working 6 through 9, decided to "do an '08" and give up hits and walks galore, nearly inducing cardiac arrest. But they rallied and battled out the win; a game we'd doubtless have lost last year. And then yesterday the enigmatic Oliver Perez offered up a diabolical performance, resulting in the first loss. He started flawlessly, pitching two perfect innings. The offence then handed him a 3-run lead, and all looked rosy. I should've known better. He walked the first two batters of the 3rd, and after one of them made it home, his co-walker (along with a further BB beneficiary) scored via a huge 3-run homer. So 4-3 to Cincinnati now, and it only got worse. Perez worked less than five innings, giving up 8 earned runs, and the offence failed to catch up.

The left-hander has just picked up a 3-year, $36 million contract, yet he's the most inconsistent, incredibly frustrating athlete I've ever encountered in ANY sport. A true nightmare. And with the injury-prone John Maine and veteran Livian Hernandez making up the rest of the Mets' rotation, the team's achilles heal could switch from the bullpen to rotation in '09.

Interestingly, Oliver Perez was only (re)signed by the Mets due to failing to land Derek Lowe; he wanted a 4-year deal, we only offered 3, so he went to Atlanta instead. Naturally, his first start as a Brave was majestic. He's likely to win 18 games this year, maybe more. Picking up Ollie instead could prove to be the worst piece of business conducted by the Amazin's since sending Nolan Ryan to the Angels. I can only hope that the consequences aren't so severe.

Have a top-notch weekend, y'all.