It had to happen eventually. And earlier today, it did: I crafted the scanty beginnings of a fully-fledged blog.

I'll be using it as an outpost for all sorts of literary misdemeanor, including, but not restricted to: comic books; baseball; cinematic oddities; spicy food-induced nightmares; the freakishly dog-faced delinquent living next door; and of course, the life and times of a writer living in Manhattan, three-and-a-half thousand miles away from his original dwelling. It's fun here. It's crazy, too. It's the kind of place that helps cultivate you into something you always wanted to be, but only if you play by its rules and learn from its lessons.

The Wheelhouse is go. 'Til next time-


"Suddenly he spoke to a cat. Winter filled the room. They could see the ocean." --Jason

"Come out or I'll fire recklessly." --cop in appallingly-translated HK Cat-III flick Underground Taxi Hunter