The madness begins...

Finally, this Wednesday, the 24th of February, Choker issue one hits your local comic book store. A few misprinted copies accidentally made it out on the 10th, and though I'm yet to see one, I hear they're all scrunched up and crinkled. Kinda like Joan Collins.

Me and Mr. Templesmith will be celebrating the book's release with a fun-filled signing tour, kicking off in NYC this week. We start at Comic Book Jones in Staten Island on Wednesday, from 5pm (ish) onward. Next, we'll be hitting Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn on Friday night, with festivities starting at 8pm. To wrap up in New York, we're signing at Midtown Comics in Manhattan (Grand Central store) 2-4pm on Saturday.

Full details of the tour can be found on the official CHOKER website here.

PS: Above is LARRY'S COMICS' own limited edition of issue one, available to purchase here. Nifty, eh?