CHOKER tour a huge success!

Wow, what a ride. Over the past 3 weeks I've signed copies of CHOKER in a snow-covered New York City; a sun-drenched Florida; rain-ravaged Seattle and Portland; the heinously hot Arizona desert of Phoenix; and to top it off, the entertainment-centric city of Las Vegas. The tour was amazing, and though it's taken its mental toll on me (I've never been so exhausted in my LIFE) it was 100% worth it. What a blast.

In addition to this, both CHOKER issues one and two sold out immediately at the distributor level -- 2nd printing of #1 is out already, and you'll have another chance to pick up #2 on the same day that #3 is out. (End of April.) Speaking of which, check out the awesome front cover for issue three above!

More details about the double sellout on the CHOKER website here.