Out This Week: PIGS #4 and MEMOIR #5!

I have two comics out this week (Wednesday, December 14th): PIGS #4 and MEMOIR #5.

First up, PIGS #4, featuring a wonderful cover by Becky Cloonan (see left). Wrapping up the first story arc in shocking fashion, this issue highlights what the PIGS are capable of when push comes to shove... Whether Felix likes it or not. And if you'll remember issue #1's cliffhanger? Yeah, that one? Well, it's time for us to prove that we haven't forgotten about it. No siree...

Next, MEMOIR #5! It's been a long time coming (believe me, I know) but the spooky goings-on will hopefully make up for the wait. Some surprising revelations in this one, including insight into the mysterious shadow people and what they're all about.

Hope you dig 'em both!