One of the new projects I've been working on lately is THE FIVE-DIMENSIONAL ADVENTURES OF DIRK DAVIES for Namco Bandai's SHIFTYLOOK.

In a nutshell, SHIFTYLOOK is reviving old (and for the most part, dormant) video game properties in the form of webcomics, and I'm working with artist Dean Haspiel to bring an extremely old school 1981 arcade game called WARP & WARP back to life. The game's about as primitive as it gets, but me and Dean had a lot of fun developing a story out of pretty much nothing. We came up with Dirk Davies, a time-traveling, dimension-hopping detective who's on the hunt for a wanted fugitive hiding out somewhere between time and space. An absolute hoot!

Here's a link to the first episode (and as of today, April 17th, 3 episodes are live):