I'm absolutely delighted to announce that I'm writing a new series called THE LOOKOUTS based on the fan-favourite PENNY ARCADE webcomic. It's an unbelievable honour to take on a project as grand as this, and can't wait for you to see the actual book--it's one of the best-looking comics I've EVER seen. Below you'll see the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive cover by Mike Krahulik:

Stunning, I know. Check out the page on Penny Arcade's website detailing how Mike put it together: http://www.penny-arcade.com/2012/06/22/lookouts-comic-book

The book's interior art is by the ludicrously talented Robb Mommaerts (you can find examples of his work here: http://robbvision.com/), and I developed the story with Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins and Cryptozoic CCO Cory Jones, scripting the book myself.

This ongoing series tells the story of a group of young boys who join the Lookouts, where they must learn the secrets of the magical Eyrewood Forest. Badges are earned by the Lookouts as they learn to survive and master their perilous environment. Each six-issue arc will focus on a new badge and an exciting journey for the young trainees, starting with the “Riddle” badge in the first arc. Additionally, each issue will contain a two-page spread from The Lookout’s Handbook, featuring an inside peek at this mysteries of Eyrewood Forest and information on additional badges.

Here's the official press release: http://www.cryptozoic.com/articles/lookouts-comic-series-coming-summer 

And issue one's cover by (series artist) Robb Mommaerts: 

THE LOOKOUTS is released digitally on July 4th, and the print edition hits stores on August 29th. More further info about the book, including a page of preview art from issue one, check out Cryptozoic's official website here: http://www.cryptozoic.com/comics/lookouts

One more piece of LOOKOUTS art by Mike Krahulik: