Announced: NEVSKY

So NYCC was a wild (but fun) show for me. Lots of catching up with friends, meeting people kind enough to buy my books, and of course, Work Stuff. And speaking of which, I was delighted to announce NEVSKY, a brand new 110-page graphic novel to be published by IDW Publishing next Spring.

Telling the tale of Alexander Nevsky, the heroic Russian leader who banded together an army of fearless warriors to topple the all-conquering Teutonic Order, the GN adapts Sergei Eisenstein's classic film and introduces its pioneering storytelling and action sequences to a fresh, contemporary audience. Or at least, that's what I'm hoping! It's illustrated beautifully by rising star Mario Guevara, and we're both beyond excited for people to check it out.

Lots more info on the book's official website here: