IMMORTALS and PIGS #2 out this week!

On a side note from the (enjoyable) madness that is New York Comic Con, I also have 2 books out this week. First up, IMMORTALS: GODS AND HEROES from Archaia. Check out David Mack's gorgeous cover above! It boasts an array of top-notch talent including (but not limited to) Ben Templesmith, Phil Hester, Ron Marz, Jock, Dennis Calero, Jim McCann, Kevin Colden, Jeff Parker & Paul Tobin. And by all accounts the actual book is GORGEOUS--designed and packaged beautifully. But what else would you expect from Archaia?

Also out this week is the second issue of PIGS, by me, Nate Cosby, Breno Tamura, Chris Sotomayor and Rus Wooton. The first issue picked up some incredible reviews (for which we're all tremendously grateful) and we're hoping that y'all enjoy this next installment just as much.

I'll be signing PIGS (and other stuff) at Jim hanley's Universe this coming Wednesday, along with a slew of other creators including Nathan Edmondson (Who is Jake Ellis?), Charles Soule (Twenty Seven), Edwin Huang (Skullkickers), Richard Starkings (Elephantmen) and more!

Jim Hanley's Universe is on 33rd Street between 5th & 6th Avenues, opposite the Empire State Building. The fun starts at 6:30pm.

Bring beer.